Mysteries and Other Books

Writing books also means reading a lot, and I do read a lot. And I read just about everything too, from cozy mysteries to Agatha Christies classic mysteries to thrillers and other kinds of fiction, from John Fowles to Kate Atkinson, to Michail Bulgagov and all sorts of other books in between. I’m not much for blood and gore though.

Most of the time I have at least two books going on at the same time, often more. Browsing in bookshops and libraries are my favorite past times. You never know what kind of books you can find. Thanks to the smartphones, it’s now wonderfully easy to search for books and also read a book where ever you are, especially when you are waiting for something else to happen, like at the dentist office. With a smartphone you can buy books, or you can get them from the library, and read them with an app. In the USA and many other countries the Overdrive app is used by libraries and it works on any smartphone, all you need is a library card. Below a list of a small selection of books I’ve read recently.

Agatha Christie – If you haven’t read “And then there was none” you really should. It’s arguably the best mystery ever written!
Kate Atkinson –  “Life after Life” is very different, but it’s brilliant. Her Jackson Brodie mysteries are set in Edinburgh and those are good too.
John Fowles – Please note that this site is a fan site, not the author’s own website. Good info though. “The Magus” is one of my absolute favorite books. I re-read it every few years.
Elly Griffiths – writes about Dr. Ruth Galloway, archeologist in Norfolk who digs up murders. “Crossing Places” is the first one in the series

Jana Deleon – Her cozy mysteries about Miss Fortune, an assassin hiding in a small town posing as a librarian are just soooo funny! Don’t forget to check out Sinful  too while there. “Lethal Bayou Beauty” is the second in the series.
Louise Penny –  writes about a small village of Three Pines and Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec. Her description of Quebec in the winter makes me want to move there, and in case you didn’t know, Quebec gets a lot of snow! Her first book in the series is “Still Life“.
Jenn McKinlay – writes about a cupcake shop in Phoenix, Arizona as well as Library Lovers mystery series set in the coast of New England. “Books can be deceiving” is the first in the Library Lover series.
Jasper Fforde – writes funny quirky sci-fi literary mysteries in his Thursday Next series. The first one in the series is “The Eyre Affair“.

Kate Carlisle – writes mysteries involving bookbinding, which is a surprisingly lethal occupation. Her series is set in California. “Homicide in Hardcover” is the first one.
Ellen Byerrum – writes about Crimes of Fashion committed in Washington DC. These are funny mysteries set mostly in DC where the fashion writer keeps stumbling on dead bodies. “Killer Hair” is the first in the series.
Jennie Bentley –  writes what happens when you try to repair old houses on the coast of New England. “Fatal Fixer” upper is first in the series.
Boris Akunin – A Russian author who writes about a self-proclaimed sleuth, Erast Fandorin set in 1876 Moscow. The first book is “Winter Queen“. It’s set in a different world, the names are a bit foreign but Fandorin like Sherlock Holmes is a great believer in method and logic.

Sarah Caudwell – Her Hilary Tamar books are set in the world of barristers in London. They’re funny quirky mysteries with the Scholar guiding the young barristers. “Thus was Adonis Murdered” is the first in the series.
Laura Belgrave – writes stories about a big city cop Claudia Hersey who lands in a small town in Florida. Her new boss doesn’t much care for her, her daughter is rebellious and murders pile up too. “Quietly Dead” is the second one.
Jean Grainger –  writes great stories about Ireland. Reading “The Tour” made me want to move Ireland!
Mark Dawson –  His John Milton series about a guy the British government calls when they want to get someone off the books. I’ve only read the first one so far, “The Cleaner” and I just had to finish it! A bit like Lee Child whose first couple of books I liked too.

Oh, and about that Michail Bulgagov – He’s the author of Master and Margarita. That is the one book I’d probably take with me on the desert island. It’s a totally madcap, funny story about how the Devil arrived with his entourage in Moscow and caused havoc. And every time I read it, I discover something new.