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When it comes to news about Faukon Abbey, patience is required. A new resident, an author,  is moving in to Elm House. Jimmy will interview her for the Abbey Chronicle.



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Faukon Abbey Chronicle

Welcome to Faukon Abbey. Your guide will be James Carter, also known as Jimmy. He’s a journalist in the Abbey Chronicle.

The report he filed on May 13, started it all.

The Abbey Chronicle, page 6 
Man found in Tersel Woods
A man was found unresponsive leaning against a tree at Tersel Woods by a passer-by yesterday afternoon.

A Dartmoor Constabulary spokesman in Faukon Abbey said: “Emergency services were called by a member of the public yesterday at 1.25pm concerning a man who appeared to be in a bad way in Tersel Woods. Police officers and paramedics attended but sadly, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The man has not been identified yet. The coroner has been notified.”

Police officers are reviewing missing person’s reports to find out whether any are connected to the dead man.

Officers were unable to confirm if the death was suspicious.