Remember Me?

Remember Me? is the first book in the Faukon Abbey Mystery series.

What happens when your past catches up with you? If what you did years ago, shows up now?

A seemingly ordinary man, is found dead in Tersel Woods, with no identification, not even a mobile phone. Clearly someone wanted him dead, but why? Faukon Abbey CID officers, DI Greene and DC Ford and their friend Carter, a journalist at the Abbey Chronicle work hard to uncover all hidden tragedies, murder being just one. They find out what really happens behind the elegant facades – where crimes go unseen and unreported because they don’t happen to people like us – – Or do they? And what happens when Pandora’s box is opened, and revenge is unleashed?

Remember Me? is a traditional detective story, a classic whodunit, written in a bit different format. It’s a tale of deep hidden secrets of so called love, set in a small town of Faukon Abbey near Exeter, in Devon, England.

An intriguing debut and an author to watch in A K Lakelett, “Remember Me?” is definitely recommended.” by BookViral. You can read their full review and other reviews here.

In the second book, “Missing Alibi“, an author is found dead. You can read more about it here. And you can find out more about Faukon Abbey, in here.

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